B = Beginner    I = Intermediate   A = Advanced
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Concert Band Music
Concert Band
A COWBOY LIFE (B-I)- Programmatic work depicting a day in the life of an American cowboy.  Influenced by Aaron Copland's wonderful music.  Includes a short duet for alto sax and clarinet, as well as exciting percussion parts.

FANFARE AND ALLEGRO (I)- Muscular brass and percussion fanfare followed by a 4/4 allegro.  Exciting writing for all sections.

HOT CHA-CHA (I)- Authentic and danceable featuring infectious Latin unison rhythms and appealing melodies.  Comfortable ranges for winds and brasses.

McCOY'S MARCH (I)- Gaelic-inflection in this 2/4 spritely march.  Interesting parts for every instrument (including low brass and winds).  A crowd-pleasing selection.

SHOW-DOWN (A)- Challenging contemporary work in 4/4 time featuring the percussion section.  Trumpet part goes to a written high B-flat.  Exciting interplay.  Winds must have "fingers."  Percussion uses bells, xylophone, optional marimba, four timpani, snare drum, bass drum/cymbals, four tom-toms, and accessories.

SOUTHERN CHORALE & MARCH (B-I)- A charming church-like chorale opens the piece, followed by a march using the themes stated in the opening.  Very accessible rhythms and ranges for intermediate school students (grades 6-8).  Easy sycopations.

A SUMMER WALTZ (B)- A reflective piece in 3/4 time.  Unison rhythms and very melodious wind and brass parts in comfortable ranges for first-year band students.  Interesting percussion parts for six players, plus bells. 
Seven concert band pieces published by C. Alan Publications (includes score and full band parts). Sound clips and score samples may be found at c-alanpublications.com/brands/houllif-murray.html.